What to Expect

Waiting For My Massage

New client waiting for massage.

During the first trigger point session you will fill out a form listing any preexisting medical conditions and a general summary of your day to day activities. At the start of each massage, new and returning clients, will tell me what their goals are for the session. Comfortable and warm sheets will be placed on a massage table and you will undress to your level of comfort. This could be fully clothed, underwear only, in a bathing suit or nude, whatever you are comfortable with. I will then knock on the door before I enter to check that you are ready.

When the massage starts the surrounding tissue is loosened up by kneading the skin and muscle. Key muscles are assessed for trigger points by their texture. When a trigger point is found a combination of techniques will be employed such as compression, pinning it in place and moving the joint, or deep tissue strokes.

Relief from a trigger point is often felt right away. Post-session effects are different for everyone. Some clients will feel the area continue to loosen up, others will feel the relief from the massage dissipate a little, while others will feel the relief from the massage remains the same. Regardless of the post-session effects chronic pain should be completely or mostly relieved anywhere from 3-7 sessions.