Low back

I met a very interesting woman a while back. She came in for a relaxing massage to treat herself for her birthday. During the massage she told me she had just retired and was looking forward to no longer having to sit for long periods of time. When I inquired further she stated that her back pain had been persistent for over 5 years and sitting during her job aggravated it. Her pain still persisted during daily chores and would cause her knee to randomly feel weak. This kept her from doing things like gardening and keeping up with housework.

At first she wasn’t going to tell me about her pain because she had decided it was going to stick with her; she had accepted that. This was stoic of her, however, the pain she described matched the symptoms caused by a particularly nasty trigger point that resides in the hips. Trigger points are microspasms in muscles that can last indefinitely and sometimes seem to come from nowhere. Most professional massage therapists don’t have trigger point training so they are often overlooked.

I located a particularly predominant trigger point in her hip. She exclaimed that when I pressed on that trigger point she felt the same exact deep nagging pain in her low back and up her spine that she described earlier. After I treated this spot, the client felt the muscle knots dissipate and said, “I am excited because the pain is significantly less. I almost can’t believe it, I won’t know for sure if it is gone until I get up.” After the session she greeted me with a baffled smile. She told me her back was better than it had been in years. Three appointments later she was pain free. Six months later she is still pain free.

The seriousness of chronic low back pain is documented in reports of its adverse effects on work absenteeism, disability, and lower productivity. A recent study shows that it probably even shortens life span. Tragedy is immanent for those who suffer. It is unfortunate that so many people suffer needlessly when they can get relief from the right treatment.

If you know of anyone who has low back pain, you can refer them to me. I have helped many clients and would like to continue helping others who maybe have not considered massage therapy as a treatment option.

Below is this months special. I am confident in my ability to help and manage the pain level of moderate back pain sufferers. If you are not satisfied with my services, the massage is on me, guaranteed.

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